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About Us

We are Sumeru Foods, an innovative and reputable sales and marketing company engaged in supplying of food ingredients.

We are often classified as one of the most premier bakery equipments and supplies company in the North Bengal and Sikkim region that specializes in delivering everything needed for baking those lip-smacking delicacies.

We are the major distributors of almost all the premier brands in the country that includes but not limited to Morde Chocolates, Pillsbury, Delmonte, Shineroad, D’lecta,Cremica, Mccains, Weikfield, Food Service India, Bakersville, etc.

Take a delectable ride with us into the world of Sweet Indulgence that celebrates happiness and unforgettable memories!


We started out in 2009 with only a few notable brands under our umbrella, but in the past 11 years we have grown by leaps and bounds to be the major distributor of almost all the premium brands in the country and as a baking equipments & supplies firm that caters to the entire North Bengal region, Sikkim, Bhutan, Nepal and the other adjoining states.

We've made sure that we provide detailed attention to all our customers whether big or small – so whether you’re a professional chef or someone who just loves to bake at home during his/her leisure time, we treat you as the same and supply you with baking supplies that shall be your lifeline.

While we continually strive for innovation and growth, we also want to make sure that we form a community that helps all people who have a knack for baking. It is for this sole reason that we offer all our baking supplies at wholesale costs to everyone.


Our vision is to be a premier baking supplier company in the entire North Bengal, Sikkim and Bhutan region whom people can easily trust, providing quality bake ware and essential supplies needed to bake different types of delicacies, both for professional bakers and households.


  • i) Continually innovate and supply state-of-the-art equipments needed for modern baking,
  • ii) Deliver almost all baking equipments and supplies from the top notch brands under a single roof,
  • iii) Truthfulness and complete integrity towards all our patrons, and
  • iv) Continuously refine the absolute standard of baking through our efficient methodologies.


We specialize in all Baking Ingredients that includes food colors, chocolate compounds, Premix, fillings, edibles, glitter, vanilla extract, cocoa powder, unsalted butter, chips, and other cake decoration stuff.

Apart from Baking Ingredients, you’ll find all types of Types of bake ware ranging from, tins to baking moulds, cookie cutters, spatulas, knives, chocolate moulds, turn tables, different nozzles, etc.

We also keep a lot of other ingredients for making pizzas, pastas, etc.


We generally cater to varied types of industries & sectors, but the prominent ones include:

  • i) Hospitality Industry that includes well known Hotels & Restaurants,
  • ii) Different Types of Cake Shops and Bakeries,
  • iii) Professional bakery chefs, home bakers, people who bake during their leisure time, and
  • iv) Many Standalone outlets.


  • • ALL BAKING ESSENTIALS UNDER A SINGLE ROOF : Whether you want to shop a cake mould, or an edible glitter, we have got almost everything covered. You can shop everything needed to bake those lip-smacking cakes from under a single roof, which makes shopping more convenient and easier with us. Besides this, we are the major distributors for most premium brands in the country, and so you can be assured of the best quality with us.
  • • BEST PRICES APPLICABLE : We don’t differentiate between a first time buyer and our regular customers; both of them get the same quality service and the same wholesale prices for shopping all their necessary bake ware from us.
  • • TRUSTED BY CUSTOMERS : Starting from humble beginnings, we have set a benchmark for ourselves in catering to our customers with complete honesty, dedication and truthfulness, and as a result we are one of the most trusted brands when it comes to delivering all your baking essentials & supplies.