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Non Dairy Whip Topping

Buy Non Dairy Whip Topping


    Cholesterol and trans fat free.
    Remarkable stability, Best in segment.
    Compatible with acidic ingredients.
    Over-run more than 4 times.
    Smooth, shiny, creamy product with milky vanilla flavour.
    Manufactured with premium quality ingredients.

    BRAND :   Shineroad

    Shineroad Truffle Magic is base for Truffle which you can use in your kitchen. It is sinfully rich and has a smooth texture, making it possible for you to make truffle-based cakes and desserts that just melt in the mouth! An innovation from Shineroad India R&D that will inspire you to create some tempting new options for your menu !


    Product Features
    Reduces consumption of chocolate.
    Excellent glossy texture and mouth feel.
    Enhances taste & stability of cakes.
    Made with superior quality of cocoa from Ghana.
    Cholesterol and trans fat free.
    Perfect for ganache making.

    BRAND :   Shineroad

    Unit Pack : 2 Kg

    Case Paking : 2Kg x 6 = 12Kg

    Dessert ingredient, icing, whitening agent
    Topping or filling for cakes, desserts and coffee

    Storage condition: Frozen at or below -18°C

    Shelf life: 12 months

    Case Paking : 2Kg x 6 = 12Kg

    BRAND :   Dlecta

    Unit Pack : 1 kg

    Case Paking : 1Kg x 12 = 12 Kg


    Dessert ingredient, icing, whitening agent
    Topping or filling for cakes, desserts & coffee
    Net weight: 1 kg

    Storage condition: Frozen at or below -18°C

    Shelf life: 12 months


    BRAND :   Dlecta

    Unit Pack : 3 Kg

    Case Pack 3 kg x 4


    Shineroad’s Korestal Glaze is an answer to all your problems , It is a frill free, less time consuming and shelf life solution which makes cakes and desserts a shiny, glittery and immaculately designed piece of art. Now make your offerings more appealing and yummilicious.


    Easy to operate.
    Improves shelf life of cut fruits.
    Perfect for theme based cakes & desserts decoration.
    Gives a fresh, yummy & exotic look to delicacies.
    Excellent glossy shine.
    Remarkable smoothness during application.

    BRAND :   Shineroad

    Shineroad J-Meda is a delicious new product, with the flavor and color of yummy Swiss chocolate! Use it as Icing, Pastry filling in cakes & desserts, or use it to create something superb all on your own !

    Convenient: Just thaw and whip!
    Blends well with fruit and nuts to create fruit based desserts like fruit cream.
    Taste delicious even as a dollop on milkshake, Coffee or ice cream.
    Superior yield: Whips up to 3.3 to 3.5% times
    Use a garnish to create exotic look.
    Ideal for Bakery & Food service.


    Delicious and rich mouth feels with dairy note.
    High overrun, compatible with acidic toppings
    Adapt and Enhance other flavor and color of toppings and icings.
    Excellent shine, smoothness and Snowy white appearance
    No Syneresis and weeping at high temperature

    BRAND :   Shineroad

    Great Taste, smooth, light & creamy with no aftertaste.
    Outstanding stability: Holds in display and under refrigeration, so dessert Can be prepared in advance without re-whipping or reapplying
    Versatile: Can be used as an ingredients, topping, garnish or filling.
    Superior yield: Whip up to more than four times of it`s volume in minutes, making it cost effective and easier to store then dairy products.
    Smooth in application.
    Made from best quality premium ingredients.

    BRAND :   Shineroad

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