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Sugar and Salts

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    Dusting sugar is mainly used for decorative purposes, that will no dissolve or melt when sprinkled on baked item or frozen desert, cakes and more.

    Pkd : 125 gm


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    BRAND :   Bakersville

    Puramate Caster Sugar (also referred to as superfine or baker's sugar, has a larger particle size than powdered sugar, It can used in baking and cold mixed drinks because it dissolves faster than granulated white sugar


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    • The finest crystals of Tate & Lyle sugars
    • Perfect for dusting on top of cakes
    • Perfect for preparing royal icing and buttercream
    • Provides sweetness and enhances the flavour of your baking


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    PurixTM Demerara Sugar creates tantalizing toppings for desserts. It is perfect for finishing touches on pastries. This is finest sugar which compliments the flavour of coffee. Ideal with coffee, cereals, cakes & desserts.


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    BRAND :   Purix by Bakersville

    Purix TM mineral sugar is a natural sugar made from sugarcane extracts. The cane juice, which is responsible for its characteristic color and rich flavor, vitamins and minerals, is squeezed from fresh sugar cane, evaporated and crystallized in its purest form.


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    BRAND :   Purix by Bakersville

    It has a delicate, soft, supple texture that's a pleasure to sift, and it mixes and creams into delicious, smooth frostings. It is used in baking and desserts, in making of cakes, mousses and drinks, as well as in foods and pastries that are sprinkled, rolled or coated with sugar.


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    BRAND :   Purix by Bakersville

    PurixTM Caster Sugar is white, granulated sugar with very fine sugar crystals. It has a delicate, soft, supple texture that's a pleasure to sift, and it mixes and creams into delicious, smooth frostings.


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    BRAND :   Purix by Bakersville

    Unit Pack : 1 kg

    Case Packing : 1 kg x 20




    Distinguished by sticky- textured, golden brown crystals; rich aroma: and a distinct taste.
    Enhances the flavor of coffee, desserts, ice cream and ginger bread
    Serves as a superb crunchy topping for confectionery, muesli and fresh fruits; glazing for meats; and a key input for mocktails.
    100 per cent pure, natural and wholesome
    Rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium.
    ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and FSMS 22000:2004 certified


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    BRAND :   Trust

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